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Saturday, October 26, 11:00 AM - The Mitchell Howard Estate Auction

An Auctioneers Dream – The Mitch Howard Estate Collection




In 1975, Rusty Farrin began his auction business. At the time, he was the youngest auctioneer in the State of Maine since then and for the last 44 years, Rusty, together with his sons have built Farrin’s Country Auctions into one of the better known and more successful country auctions in New England. During this time, the Farrin Auction Company has drawn consignments predominantly from Maine but also from all over Northern New England, and sometimes beyond. Farrin’s buyers are primarily from upper New England but he regularly receives absentee bids from all over the world.While Rusty and his sons have focused on primarily estates and antiques, he is open to handling all types of auctions.They have done equipment auctions, real estate auctions, stock reduction sales and more; but for the most part, the primary draw and what his company is best known for is their successful handling of estates and antique collections.Rusty and his team works extremely hard for their consignors and over the years have had a tremendous number of highly successful sales but one thing a successful auctioneer always dreams about is that discovery of a truly exciting, spectacular, large estate filled with all kinds of treasures. Indeed when an auctioneer wakes up, he hopes that today is the day he discovers that truly great estate. A short while ago, Rusty’s reoccurring dream came true when he received a phone call about an estate collection of antiques. The gentleman calling was the nephew of a well-known collector in Yarmouth, Maine. The nephew was handling the estate of his uncle, Mitchell (Mitch) Howard. Although the collection sounded interesting over the phone, Rusty as a seasoned auctioneer of many years knows that you never know what to expect. Sometimes it sounds fabulous and once you get there, it is nothing and sometimes you do not anticipate anything truly spectacular but when you get there, it is a huge find. The Mitch Howard Estate was one of those “finds”, and it was indeed an auctioneers dream. Mitch Howard had a passion; a very deep and abiding passion for all things old but particularly toys.Mitch’s love of toys was responsible for him in becoming owner of Toy Land in Portland, Maine. Over the years, Mitch had acquired a massive antique toy collection and after closing Toy Land in 2002, Mitch continued to pursue his passion. He pursued auctions, tag sales, estate sales and wherever else he could purchase items for his collection. Mitch truly loved antique toys, mechanical banks, still banks, doorstops, bookends, coins, sterling, Tiffany, advertising, movie posters, artwork, War Bond posters, bronzes, art glass, pottery, paintings, prints and so much more. This was what Rusty discovered when he entered the home in Yarmouth, Maine. Each room, each closet, each drawer, each storage area was filled with surprises and stacks of exciting items.This was truly an auctioneers dream and Rusty being the consummate salesperson knew that this was a collection that was truly going to excite and draw in buyers from all over the state and from afar. Rusty has a hard working team and vehicles for moving items and most estates are cleaned out in less than a day but to provide an idea of the magnitude of this estate, it took he and his seasoned professional staff four solid days to remove the items from the house. In addition, there was a 3-bay garage; all of which was filled to the rafters. Every box they opened, every drawer they looked into, every closet they opened was a new adventure all over again. Items were packed high and it was not until items were moved around that they began to discover everything that was truly there. Paintings packed away in a closet, toys hidden in drawers and in boxes, boxes still unwrapped filled with Indian items such as crocked knives and beadwork; every corner of Mitch’s house held another surprise for Rusty and his staff. Make no mistake about it, Rusty and his staff had been in hundreds of houses throughout Maine and New England over the years and there had been many wonderful discoveries but rarely does an auctioneer discover something of such magnitude and diversity which Mitch Howard had collected.  All of the goods have now been moved to Rusty’s 7000 square foot facility in Randolph, Maine and it is now in the process of being sorted and organized to be sold. Rusty anticipates that due to the large magnitude of items, it will take several auctions to dispose of and in addition, there will be a couple of online sales and simulcast auctions to properly market everything. Not only will it take several auctions to dispose of Mitch’s collection but each sale will require every square inch of the Farrin Auction facilities. The facilities in Randolph are state of the art facility for estate auctions and one of the best facilities of its type. Comfortable seating, ample room, lots of lights, home cooked food, knowledgeable hard-working staff and professional auctioneer of nearly 50 years. He and his company conduct highly efficient, fast-paced auctions. Buyers never have a chance to get bored at a Rusty Farrin auction and sometimes Rusty and his crew present some really exciting finds but this, as I said earlier, is an auctioneers dream and will also be a source of excitement and discovery for his buyers and well received by Rusty’s vast clientele. Rusty and his 3 sons conduct between 20-30 antique and estate auctions a year. His company is one which buyers and collectors have come to follow very closely; you never know what you will find at a Farrin Auction and this particular sale should fulfill and satisfy the interest of a vast diversity of collectors. Rusty’s auction announcements are always available online and can be accessed by going to also are always advertised on Auction Zip complete with a tremendous number of photographs so that potential buyers can get a good overview of what is to be included in the auction. If you like exciting, fast-paced country auctions and are interested in a diversity of antique items, then you definitely want to check out Farrin’s Auctions of the fabulous Mitch Howard Estate Collection. It will most certainly be one of the more exciting estate auctions to be held in upper New England for years to come. If you would like to contact the Farrin Auction Company, they can be reached out 207-431-0031 or 1-800-207-2507 or by email at is truly a sale not to be missed. Don’t miss it!