Dear Customer,

In a continuing effort to enhance my business knowledge and to provide the best services possible to my customers, I have completed all the required coursework and examinations to earn the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) designation.

One of the most highly respected educational programs in the country for auctioneers, CAI is an executive development program offering coursework in management skills, business ethics, finance, new sales techniques, marketing and more. It helps established auction professionals, like myself, provide more comprehensive and beneficial services to customers like you.

The classes, offered over a three-year span, allowed me to meet with and learn from some of the most distinguished and outstanding leaders in the auction industry. The experience has been invaluable and exciting, and has left me dedicated to further expanding my skills.

Part of the CAI designation includes completing 24 hours of education coursework every three years to keep my designation current. So, be assured that I will remain committed to learning and growing, and offering the most complete and valuable auction services available for both sellers and buyers.

Less than 5% of auctioneers nationwide hold the CAI designation and I am proud to say that I am now one of them.

If you have questions about the auction industry and how my business can best serve you, as always, feel free to contact me any time.

Thank you for your continued business.

Rusty Farrin

As the Director of Gift Planning and Major Gifts for MaineGeneral, to say that I was overwhelmed by the project that lay before me is an understatement. Fortunately, for me, the donor, and MaineGeneral, Rusty Farrin stepped in to help.

MaineGeneral was recently given a generous gift of real estate (and the contents within) by an elderly donor. The donor and her deceased husband had lived in the house for sixty years, although the home had not been occupied for the last five. Every room, every drawer, every closet was jammed full of the contents the couple had acquired through their lifetime and it was now up to me to sort through it all. I needed a plan to separate the significant amount of items that were destined for the dumpster while maximizing those items that could be resold and turned into a profit for my organization as well as a charitable deduction for the donor. It quickly became apparent that I needed help. I needed to find someone who was competent, reliable, honest, and able to go into that home to sort through everything, without my supervision. I needed that person to identify and organize items that were appropriate for auction, find a way to dispose of the rest, do some basic cleaning, and provide me with a detailed list of how all the contents were handled.

After reviewing a range of proposals from a few local auction houses, it soon became clear that Rusty Farrin was the right man for that job, and we were not disappointed.

Rusty and his team diligently and methodically worked through everything in the house, creating a separate pile of confidential material that needed to be shredded, and swiftly returning personal items of interest, such as family photos, U.S. Savings Bonds and anything in question. As for the disposal of non-salable items, before Rusty and his team were finished, they had totally filled two thirty-yard dumpsters; that is a lot of stuff!

His real talents, however, emerged at the auction, where it was obvious he had advertised in such a way as to attract the right buyers and skillfully coordinated the sale of 1500 items.

When this project was complete, working with Rusty Farrin allowed MaineGeneral to recoup a larger sum of money from this personal property than we ever thought possible, and he did so in a professional, prompt, and thorough manner. We would highly recommend Rusty Farrin for
any similar projects; he is well equipped to handle even the most daunting of situations.

Kate OHalloran
Director, Gift Planning & Major Gifts

November 17, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:
It is my great pleasure to recommend Rusty and Patty Farrin as auctioneers. Maine Historical Society has hired them for three years running for our annual auction. It is our biggest fundraiser of the year and each year Rusty manages to bring in more money.
The Farrins are both professional, courteous, and delightful to work with. They lend an enthusiastic feel to the event making guests feel inspired to participate.
I would be pleased to talk with your further about the Farrins and their services. My colleagues and I could not be happier with them and their product.
Feel free to contact me at MHS at 207-774-1882.
Sincerely yours,
Elizabeth O. Nash
Marketing & Public Relations Manager



I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all the assistance you offered in helping my mother liquidate the contents of her sister’s very large home in Maine. We live in Georgia and without your help it would have been extremely difficult and time consuming to dispose of the these items. With very short notice, you arrived at a time convenient for us and we were able to empty the house in a couple days, cutting in half our estimated time for the project. In addition you offered valuable information on what items had value and which ones did not. The commission charged for your services was more than fair compared to the services and expertice you were able to offer. Again thank you for everything, we could not have done it without you! Please use my name for any future reference contact.

Dorothy Schiefer

October 4, 2011
Rusty Farrin
Farrin’s Country Auctions
36 Water St
Randolph, ME 04330

Dear Rusty,

Please accept our thanks for your assistance during the Silent and Live Auction events at the KV YMCA Fourth Annual Autumn Auction held on October 1st in the Harold Alfond Gymnasium at the Y. The auction event managed by Farrins Country Auctions raised $40,000 for our Annual Strong Kids Scholarship Fund. This is a testimony to you and the way you administered the live auction. The fact that you knew some of the attendees was beneficial and a key to the success of the bidding.

The generosity of the Autumn Auction attendees was certainly encouraged thanks to the professionalism of you in managing all facets of the event. Your ability to work between bidders and your exuberance during the event was exceptional.

I will certainly be recommending that Farrins Country Auctions be engaged to manage the Silent and Live Auction event at the 2012 Annual Autumn Auction to be held on Saturday, October 6, 2012.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Yerrick
Chief Executive Officer

Kennebec Valley YMCA
31 Union Street 40 Granite Hill Road
Augusta, ME 04330 Manchester, ME 04351
P 207 622 9622
Mark Yerrick Norman Elvin
Chief Executive Officer President, Board of Directors

What to do with all of Mothers belongings was the dilemma? My mother was a shopper and collector who had filled the house she lived in and had filled another house that she called her storage house. Her collections ranged from plastic deli dishes to old scrapbooks, magazines, country antiques, various sets of china and many lovely objects purchased while living and shopping overseas. I felt hopeless and helpless to deal with all of this before Rusty Farrin was recommended to me. He agreed to handle all of it and have both houses cleared out to sell. Dealing with Rusty was a pleasure. He was knowledgeable and businesslike plus had a wicked good Maine sense of humor. Rusty was good about communicating with me throughout the whole process. A task that seemed overwhelming then became manageable. Everything was trucked to his warehouse. Rusty and his family got everything done according to our time line. He invited me down to see everything when it was set up for viewing before the auction. It was all cleaned up and attractively displayed. There was good advertising that prompted a good crowd at the auction. I received a printout of everything that was sold. Then he promptly sent a check after the auction. In this soft market for antiques I was pleased with the amount realized. When my husband and I sell our house and downsize we will be calling Rusty again.
Kudos to Rusty and his whole family.

Sincerely, Pam Braley

June Pratt
138 Leavitt Street
Hingham, Ma 02043

My cousin, Jane Standen, and I thank you for appraising the contents of our camp on such short notice. We appreciatte your friendly and professional service.
June Pratt

September 25, 2010

Mr. Rusty Farrin
Farrins Country Auctions
36 Water Street
Randolph, Maine 04346

Dear Rusty,

I want to thank you and your auction team for the outstanding job youve done in selling the personal property of my brothers estate. You did all of the right things to insure that the sale was well attended and bidding was quite active for all items offered. Anyone can sell the good stuff but the real test of a good auction is when the auctioneer can sell not only the good, but also the bad and just plain ugly assets that are the makeup of any sale of his nature. You did that and at the end of the day everything was sold and on its way.

Your auction team worked hard and was, to a person, friendly and good natured. I know that this was a difficult sale. My brother Steave had a lot of stuff crammed into his home and barn. Your team dug it out, set it up and kept the auction moving at a great pace. Please also extend our gratitude to them for a job well done.

With the successful auction of the real estate I dont believe that the day could have gone any better. Thanks also for arranging to have the junk metal hauled and the yard cut to enhance the appeal of the real estate. The results speak for themselves!

As you know, I am professional contract auctioneer calling well over two hundred auctions a year in Virginia. You are a credit to our profession and an auctioneers auctioneer! Please use me as a referral. Share my number with any prospective client (804-402-2637) I would be glad to talk with them further about our experience with your firm.

Best regards,

Doug Sinclair, CAI, AARE
Personal Representative
The Estate of Stephen A. Sinclair

January 5, 2010

Rusty Farrin
Farrin’s Country Auctions

Hi Rusty,

I want to thank you so much for the great experience I had in dealing with you and your family company.

From my first email it was less then one hour when you called me back and you were at my home shortly afterwards.

Your help and advice in deciding what to sell was invaluable. I really appreciate the little pushes you gave me to get going when I went into my hesitating mode.

Attending my first Farrin Auction was a fun experience and a very profitable one too. I was very surprised and happy at what my things sold for. You certainly get excellent prices at your sale. You have a great following and are very well respected in the auction buisness.

I did refer one women who was pleased with your promptness and help. I will continue to pass your name along to anyone looking to sell.

My sincere thanks to you, Josh & Patty for making my auction experience such a great one. Your enthusiasm is infectious and really gets the bidders going. I can’t wait for your next sale-see you there.

Thank you again Rusty

Betty West
2620 Old Gun Road, West Midlothian, Virginia, 23113
Office: 804.402.2637 – Toll Free: 888.358.0200

What a great auction, and a great crew! Fast pace, great items, and runners deliver them right to buyers……….. You have a great operation, and all deserve a thumbs up. Count me in as an ongoing customer and consigner. Farrin’s Auction is the way to go, for sure……………………….Andy Pratt”

Just a little note to say it was a fun entertaining night to come to your auction last week. My wife and I had not been to an auction for quite some time. My wife got some interesting old knitting manuals and we also got a few other good trades as you called them. Luckily a person at one of the antique shops in Hallowell told us about your sale that night and then the owner of the Hallowell antique mall said his wife was going to be there buying that night. We kept wondering which woman she might have been. Next time we are up to Maine I will have to plan on looking to see if you have any auctions at the time. Thanks for a fun night out.

Larry J. Grindle
Zelkowitz, Barry and Cullers, Ltd.
Ohio Bar Title Agent

July 12, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:
I am very grateful for the great care Rusty, Patty, and Josh gave me during the recent
liquidation of my fathers estate. Despite his many years as an auctioneer, Rusty has
clearly not forgotten that the disposal of a loved ones belongings can be an
emotional undertaking. His ongoing patience, understanding, and willingness to
answer any and all questions throughout our association certainly made this
process less stressful for me.

My guess is that Rustys long term success as an auctioneer is due in large part to his
honesty and straightforwardness. At the beginning he clearly outlined for me how
an auction works, and what could realistically be expected in terms of public
interest. He is very organized and professional.

For the amount of care and effort
he and his staff would ultimately need to put into this venture, his terms were very

I will point out that I do not live in Maine, which made preparations for this auction
somewhat more complex. Rusty and his staff patiently worked around my schedule
and my limited availability, and all went smoothly.

I am pleased I chose to work with Rusty Farrin. I am pleased with the respectful
treatment I received, and I am pleased with the results. I strongly recommend
Farrins Country Auctions to anyone seeking auction services.

Michael Bergren
Boston, MA

Ernest Johnson
Raymond, Maine
March 19, 2009

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Rusty Farrin and Patty who are doing business as Farrin’s Country Auctions.

Last year it became my responsibility to liquidate my parents’ estate. A huge old farmhouse and garage filled with a lifetime of collecting antiques.

Some of the immediate concerns were: 1. How to value the contents. I have no knowledge of antiques and have no way to determine what items are valuable and what items were less valuable. 2. The size of the job. My parents collected books, dishes, furniture, historical documents, and everything else that attracted them. 3. The honesty of the people that I needed to hire to accomplish the job.

I began research and determined that an auction was the better way of getting a fair price for the items, and also is more likely to get those items to people that will appreciate them as my parents did. I researched all the auction companies that I could find and narrowed them down to several companies that I interviewed.

Farrins Country Auctions consistently stood head and shoulders above the others. July this past year we had a two day auction and all I can say about it is, “I don’t know how it could have been done better”
Rusty and his crew kept us informed of every step in the procedure, answered every question, did everything he had promised, and paid us promptly!
So, if you have a need for someone to perform an auction for you I heartily recommend Rusty Farrin and his team.

Ernest Johnson